Visions And Values


Kapacity Engineering’s vision is to provide corporate clients with innovative solutions for specialised engineering needs.


Being Customer Driven

With worldwide expertise Kapacity Engineering understands specific client’s requirements and aims to find and deliver innovative solutions.

Building Relationships

Forming long-term successful relationship with clients, providing expert design and cost effective solutions.

Commitments to:

• Health and Safety: Poor safety practices are unacceptable. All injuries and accidents can be prevented with appropriate OH & S and a diligent approach.
• Ethical behaviour in conducting business including full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
• Client consultation – the importance of delivering to clients the products they require, joint decision making and timely resolution of client issues.


Action in business –Kapacity Engineering delivers to their


Best practice Quality Management on all projects.


Measurable results based upon agreed Key Performance Indicators.


Kapacity Engineering provides precise planning and innovative development. This is crucial for fluid management, specialist piping design and construction.

A full commitment and utilisation of all required Kapacity Engineering staff in determining the most suitable solution for client’s specific requirements.

Kapacity Engineering works to the principle that communication and joint partnership lead to solutions well tailored to client’s needs.

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